Victor Romero was raised in Extremadura, Spain. He studied photography and photojournalism in London and later, documentary photography in Wales. From the early onset of his career, he traversed the world – Tokyo, Paris, Auckland, Riyadh, Islamabad, Singapore, Beijing, Maldives, Frankfurt and more, on various assignments for international news agencies and publishing houses.

More than a decade ago, he specialised in architecture and interior photography. Gaining widespread interest, and winner of more than 40 international awards and prestigious accolades including IPA, PX3, Lux, Graphis, One Eyeland and more, his work is featured in more than 24 different books. He is the only photographer in the UAE included for 8 successive years in the ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’ by Lurzer’s Archive.

Considered one of the best architecture, interiors and travel photographers in the world, his portfolio spans globally. He has developed advertising campaigns for major airlines, tourism boards, government bodies, international hospitality brands and high profile luxury clients. His work has featured in various international exhibitions and commissions for several major published works including a limited edition book on the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (2011), a book on the venues of the first European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan (2015) and a book on the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman (2016).

He currently resides in Dubai, UAE.